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Subsidence and Heave

John Bellman & Associates can help with your subsidence and heave problems across Croydon, South London and Surrey. We will look at the possible issues and recommend tests to examine the soil concentration that can be causing the issues. You will then be able to give this information to your insurance provider.

laying foundation of a dwelling

What is subsidence?

According to the Financial Ombudsman Service, a subsidence is:

The downward movement on the site that a structure is standing on. The soil under the foundation of the building is not stable.

This can happen due to several different factors. Some of the most common causes of subsidence are ground contracting and shrinking due to the constant change in the weather. This can lead to cracks in the foundation of a building and will lead to damage to the structure. 

The soil of south-east England is rich in clay and can lead to shrinking and swelling of the ground. The soil beds in the river valley are also common areas where subsidence occurs.

What is heave?

Heave is another way describing the swelling of the ground. It is the upward movement of the ground under the building due to the expansion of the soil.

One reason the ground can swell is due to the building absorbing too much water and the ground will expand. The extra amount of water is due to flooding and the removal of nearby vegetation. If a nearby tree is removed, all of the water from roots will saturate the ground. This also causes cracks in the foundation of the building.

Our qualified engineer, John Bellman has worked on major construction projects around the world. He is a highly skilled and certified civil and structural engineer. He has intimate experience with domestic structural issues in the UK and a record of international structural engineering experience. John and his team are always available to discuss the details of your next construction project. Call us today if you wish to discuss subsidence and heave in your property.